Saturday, 3 January 2009


OMD OMD OMD It's cold out tonight!

Momma just got home. It's so cold the car made funny noises all the way home and the car doors won't even shut properly.

So she checked the temperature. It said -39 C

And with windchill it's -49 C (-56 F)
You gotta count windchill cause the wind is @#$@#%$ cold!

Further information indicated this:

EXTREMELY COLD. Frostbite likely. Exposed skin can freeze within 1 minute. Outdoor activity becomes dangerous.

So what did Momma do ? She made us go outside to pee!!!!!

That's it! Were done with Canada! Two of us doggies may be American Eskimos but I tell ya we weren't made for this weather!

We are revolting!
We wanna move!

Hummm........ Let's see...... California, Florida, Arizona, Hawaii........ they all sound good right now!