Saturday, 17 January 2009

Please Help Save Puppies Like Gambit

This cutie's name is Gambit. He nearly died.

The rescue that Momma works with New Hope Dog Rescue saved Gambit from euthanasia.

Why was he going to be euthanized?

Had Gambit done something bad?


The only thing Gambit did was he looked to much like a "banned breed". You see, Ontario, Canada has Breed Specific Legislation. Any dog that even looks like a "pit bull", or American Staffordshire Terrier or even any dog that MAY look like it has SOME of the banned breeds in it can be confiscated and euthanized! Ontario has already killed over 4,000 dogs with this unfair legislation.

Many of these are dogs that have never done anything wrong! Dogs or puppies like Gambit whose only "wrong" is that he is short-haired, muscular and has a particular type of facial features.

Luckily for Gambit a rescue organization in Ontario worked quickly to protect him by paying to have him flown out of Ontario to Saskatchewan to New Hope Dog Rescue.
Gambit is a real sweetheart. There is not a mean bone in his sweet body. He just loves to play with the other dogs in his foster home. See more info about him here is his link:
Gambit already has several applications in for people interested in adopting him.
New Hope Dog Rescue had a DNA analysis done and guess what? Gambit is 3/4 Boxer! Not even any of the banned breeds are in him!
The Dog Legislation Council of Canada is trying to raise money to fight this Breed Specific Legislation (Ontario Bill 132) in the Canadian Supreme Court.

The Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC) believes in promoting and supporting responsible dog ownership, dog bite prevention and dangerous dog legislation based on the specific dog's behaviour, not on the breed.

The campaign is called "Dollars for Dog's" and requests all dog lovers to send in $1 dollar per dog that they own. If you live in Canada you NEED to donate as this could be in your province next. If you live in the USA, your donation will be greatly appreciated. We know there are places in the US that are banning specific breeds too. Some areas have banned German Shepherds and Boxers too.

We would be so grateful if you can spare a $1 or $2 to the fund to fight Ontario Bill 132. Please go to this link Scroll halfway down the page to the "make a donation" link to donate by Paypal. Even a $1 or $2 will help! We gave $20- no we don't have 20 dogs- we just felt this was important !
Gambit thanks you!