Thursday, 15 January 2009

Nikki's Back From Eye Surgery

Hi doggies,

It's me Nikki. Yup, I'm back from my left eye surgery. Momma says it went well and they are just waiting to see if my eye will heal. We will know in about a week.

Remember I told you about the V-E-T going to sed-ate me? Well I found out that sed-ate was NOT yummy food! I decided right then not to co-oper-ate! Ha ha ha!

So they put me under a general a-nest-he-tic. Luckily when I woke up there was no nest- of -boy- tics anywhere near me. In fact there were no tics of any kind on me. Whew!! Close call!!

However there was this cone on my head! This is what I think of the cone:

One thing though the a-nest-he-tic sure did make me tired. So I've been doing lots of this:

See ya doggies,
Woofs , Nikki