Monday, 30 July 2007

Wordless Wednesday ( is early this week)

Toonie Tuesday (Comes Early This Week)

Cartoon by Nick D Kim,at Nearing Zero

Vote Results In! Nikki and Buddy Get to Blog on Family Friday!

Here are the poll results on if I should let Nikki, Buddy and Winnie, our foster dog write on my blog:

55% - yes on "Family Friday"
22% - Yes when I feel like letting them
22% - Maybe, if they give me all their bones and treats

Okay, so I guess I'm gonna let Nikki, Buddy and Winnie blog on Fridays. They better say nice things about me!!!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wordless Wednesday- (Nikki)

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Toonie Tuesday

Cartoon by Nick from Nearing Zero at

Monday, 23 July 2007

Another Pet Food Recall

Botulism this time! Check here for more information on recalls of Hot Dog Chili Sauces and Natural Balance Eatables Dog food.

Also here is a link to the updated list of recalled pet food by the US food and Drug Administration . It is an excellent site as pet food ( dog , cat , ferret) can be searched in a number of ways ( brand, company, UPC, product description , container type ).

Thanks for keeping us doggies safe and healthy!!

Dog Pack Attacks Gator In Texas!

OMD !!!! Check it out here! (Please be patient, it takes a minute or 2 to upload but is definately worth seeing.)

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Agility Fun !!

Hi doggies,
Did you know that we do agility? It is so much fun!!! Us doggies have been taking agility classes for a few years now. Here are some pictures of our people and doggie friends who competed at the 2006 AAC National Championships. It is only a dream of Momma's to someday take a dog to the AAC Nationals! Buddy and I are starting to go to local trials and even once in awhile we get some ribbons! Ribbons- can you believe it ??

Here is a picture of Buddy running like the wind at a Fun Match.

Here is Buddy jumping at his 1st trial (Sept/06). He got a 4th place ribbon. It also shows why his nickname is Muddy Buddy! LOL

This past April was my first ever agility trial and after being the "entertainment for the day" by doing ZOOMIES all over the place, it finally all clicked. What clicked you say? Well I was all zoomied out so I settled down and Momma did all the right things to show me where to go and guess what ? WE ROCKED!! It was in Jumpers and we got a 1st place ribbon and a 'Q'. That means I Qualifyied ( no faults and below the required time- and I was way below too!) Momma was so excited and she picked me up hugged and kissed me at the finish line and our agility instructor came running out to give us hugs too. It was awesome! Momma was so thrilled that she went out and bought us all new toys and treats too. Momma didn't ever think that she would get a Q with me 'cause I'm a ZOOMIE DOG. Humm .... maybe I should get more of those Q' never know what awesome things I might get for the next Q... ;)
Here is a picture of me with my ribbons

Well our agility trials since that one haven't been as exciting, but we still have tons of fun ! And lots of times I continue to be the official ZOOMIE Entertainment of the Day. If you do agility, let me know. I think we are turning into agility nuts! LOL

Friday, 20 July 2007

Nikki Steals Computer Away From Casper

Hello All Doggies and GG,

This is Nikki here. I have taken over the computer from Casper. Buddy and I have noticed a few things lately that we would like to discuss, so I tricked Casper and took over the computer .

There he is pouting. Ha haha ha ha ha... Ha haha ha ha ha...


Okay so here goes...

1. Casper HOGS the computer ALL the time.

2. It says 'Casper and pals'- but us 'pals' never get to post!! HUMMMFFFF!!

3. Even the Doofus gets his own day! ( Tanner Tuesday -and here' another TT)

4. New dogs to Dogs With Blogs (Sidka) are wondering if Buddy and I have our own blogs. The answer is no- Casper is to much of a Blog Hog!!

5. Buddy and I are Very Very Cute and we should get WHATEVER WE WANT!!

So we want every Friday to be "Family Friday" where us other doggie members of Casper's family get to blog ALL WE WANT !!! So we made Casper put up a poll at the top of our blog.

Okay so vote for us in our new Polll!!!!

Love Nikki

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Toonie Tuesday

Casper Sloganized

Casper Quotes from this Site and my comments :

I'M CUCKOO FOR CASPER (everyone should be)

CLEANS YOUR FLOOR WITHOUT CASPER ( What? I clean the floor very well, thank-you! Nothing drops that I don't get.)

HOW MANY LICKS DOES IT TAKE TO GET TO THE CENTER OF A CASPER? ( Hey, I'm the one that does the licking - not you!!)

CASPER: THE OTHER WHITE MEAT ( WHAT!!!! OMD!!!! I'm white but I'm no one's meat!!!!)

WOW! I COULD HAVE HAD A CASPER! ( Okay , I'm starting to see a theme here and I'm not liking it!! Take that back!! )

YOU DESERVE A CASPER TODAY (Only if you ignore the 3 previous quotes)

WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH THE TOUGH GET CASPER (Yes I'm a tough dog when I'm not doing my couch potato duties)

IT'S A BEAUTIFUL CASPER. (Ah , much better...)

Can You Guess the Casper Movie Quotes?

Spider-Man (2002)(the missing word was 'responsibility')

The Princess Bride (1987)(the missing word was 'father')

Star Wars (1977)(the missing word was 'Force')

4. WHEN I INVITE A WOMAN TO DINNER I EXPECT HER TO LOOK AT MY CASPER. THAT'S THE PRICE SHE HAS TO PAY.( okay Casper here- no don't be thinking that!!! This is a blog approved for general audiences!! See below the word is 'face'- not what all you doggies were thinkin!!!)
A Night at the Opera (1935)(the missing word was 'face')

Hope you enjoyed me being sloganized!! See ya, doggies and GG. Have a fun day!!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Hey I'm a Rockin' Guy!!!

Hi doggies and GG, I was sent this by Comet and BLU AND Gaucho for being a Rockin' Guy Blogger. Cool!

Now I'm gonna tag Tadpole because his blog rocks! And he is a guy (even though Massah puts him in a shirt with a bow!! ) You better be careful Tadpole. Have you seen what has happened to Simba ? ( and rumor says it all started with a bow!!)

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Doogle Searches To My Blog

Okay so I checked out the Doogle (or is it Google?) searches that directed bloggers to my blog. I must say -very interesting...

1. The most frequent has been this picture ( 5 times) . Those Dooglers must think I'm a handsome guy!!

Or maybe they like my happy eskie smile!

2. +bad +behavior +"miniature american eskimo" - What!!! "bad behavior and American Eskimo" and they come to MY BLOG!!! Sorry dude, but you took a wrong turn on that Doogle thingy! No bad behaved doggies here (and don't you go askin Nikki either- she is a tattle-tail!!)

3. "fun adventures in canada for people and dogs" - alright this sounds good! We're fun and adventuresome too.

4. "shiba inu/husky"- they would have seen Max, our Shiba Inu/ Husky dog that we fostered. Momma says he was gorgeous.

5. saskatoon dog swim lessons- Hey cool !! Another doggie in Saskatoon is gonna learn to swim too. Maybe we'll see them at the doggie pool.

6. Casper, Canada- Someone looking for ME in all of Canada? I'm here!! Here I am! Woof woof, over here.

7. Casper inline Game- HUMM... confusing....a game named after me that people are standing in line for?? Or a bunch of Casper's standing in line for a game?? Dunno.

8. caspr d dog - Wrong number- you were probably looking for Casper D Dog but thanks for stopping by anyways.

9. CASPERS SAD - Hey, No I'm not!!! Check out my smile ....See doogle search # 1

Well that's it for my doogle searches. See ya doggies and GG

Wordless Wednesday

Toonie Tuesday

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Pretty Simba

We heard from Girl Girl and Boo Casanova that there is a contest going on to see how pretty we can make Simba. Look at how pretty Simba is in a sexy pink and purple bikini and bright pink lipstick!

Add Glitter to your Photos

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Rest Easy Scubee

Scubee, we hope you are running and playing and having a wonderful time with all the other doggies over the Rainbow Bridge.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Scubee- the Weinerblab is Very Sick

We just read a very sad post. Scubee- the weinerblab is very sick and will soon be crossing the Rainbow Bridge. We are very sad for Scubee and his people Sara and Ryan. Our thoughts are with you Scubee, Sara and Ryan.

Hey, Homeless Eskies....... Wanna Go to Prison?

Remember when we were stuck in jail ? And Ernest too? Well, take a look at this. They are putting my breed behind bars, but it's a really, really good thing!! It's an "Eskies Behind Bars " program.

Hey Doggies- It's Toonie Tuesday Again!!

This one I found at

Monday, 2 July 2007

Joey Goes to New Foster Home

Hi doggies, our lastest foster dog Joey has gone to a different foster home, but it's just 1 block away so chances are we will still be seeing him sometimes. It's much much quieter around here now that he is gone . Not that Joey was loud ,but he managed to get all of the rest of us excited and wrestling and making lots of noise. Momma liked Joey alot but is happy 'cause she said it was just getting too nutty around here with the 5 of us. Joey had tons of energy , always wanted to play and succeeded in getting Nikki and Buddy all riled up and then Winnie and I would get in on it too. Momma was forever having to tell us to "settle down" and "that's enough" and stuff like "stop it!!- it's 3 in the morning". Anyways see ya Joey-we'll be looking out for you on our walks.

Sunday, 1 July 2007





What is Canada? Who are Canadians?

As Canadians we often have difficulty explaining ourselves and our county. (It's one of our many traits, eh). LOL ;) This winning poster drawn by 15 year old, Sharon Huang shows more about Canada than most of us can express. It contains many things uniquely Canadian such as Billy Bishop, the CN Tower, a maple leaf, hockey, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a Canadian Flag, Canada Goose, grain elevator , wheat fields, Eskimo, First Nations totem pole, Quebec flag, Saskatchewan flag, covered wagons , gold prospecter, people of all colors and cultures, moose , polar bear, Canada's most courageous person Terry Fox, and more. Yes this is Canada!!!

Sharon Huang, 15 years

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

"My poster shows the technological developments Canada has evolved through. I have also drawn the natural beauties and the multicultural society across our country. They all contribute to Canada's independence throughout history, and shape the nation that symbolizes freedom and unique diversity we know as Canada today."