Thursday, 8 May 2008


Here is one of the Laporte dogs after being in a foster home. Happy and healthy.

Scroll down in this post to see what this dog looked like when the dogs were removed from Laporte.

Warning this post shows pictures of dogs that have been SEVERLY NEGLECTED.The pictures are difficult to look at. Do not read any further if these type of pictures are disturbing to you

You may have seen the picture and link to the petition " No Dog's For Laporte" on the top right of my blog. It's about the nearly 100 Wire Fox Terriers rescued from the Montreal, Canada puppy mill owned by Marc-Andre Laporte.
To read about this case when it first happened in November 2005 check here:
These are the conditions of some of the dogs that were saved from under Laporte's 'care'.

Well on May 6/08 the verdict finally came down.

Judge Sirous sentenced Laporte as GUILTY!!! YES!!

He will be fined $2000 and have to do 200 hours of community service. He will be unable to own or breed dogs for 3 years and most of all he will NOT be able take back 18 of the Wire Fox Terriers that he was trying to get back!These 18 dogs have been called "the Blaineville Wires"

Ya- we know it really doesn't sound like all that much of a sentence when you see how he kept the dogs that he supposedly 'loved so much', but it was the most that the judge could give him.

Nearly 15,000 people signed the petition at to stop Laporte from getting the dogs back and to make sure he was sentenced as guilty.

Watch this video to see the full story and how happy and healthy some of the dogs are now.

Thank- you Judge Sirois for sentancing him as guilty! We wish you could have given him a stronger sentance including jail time. We wish he would never being allowed to own a dog again!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Sad News From The Agility World - Lis' K. Has Passed On

No I never met Lis' but I am truly saddend to say that I have recieved the news that she passed on yesterday. A few weeks back I posted about Lis' and her Chinese Crested Diva running in their last agility trial together.

Lis' had been told she had 3 weeks left to live. She convinced the doctors to let her out of the hospital that day so she could run one last time with Diva in the agility trial.

Lis' and Diva recieved a Super 'Q' and their ATCH that day!

Her spirit and love of her dog and agility are so evident on the video! It is inspiring to watch.

Lis' is an inspiration to so many people within the agiltiy world. She reminded us to 'Seize The Day' and treasure the time we have with our loved ones including our much loved dogs!

My previous posting and the video of Lis' and Diva's last agility run can be seen here.

Peace be with you Lis'.