Thursday, 5 August 2010


When Cotton came into rescue he was walking on 3 legs and holding up his right back leg. We are not sure what happened to him but the Vet said on the x-ray his hip was "a mess". He had pain if I tried to move his leg. However he could get around amazingly well on 3 legs.

Cotton visited the Vet last week where he had surgery on his right hip and he got neutered at the same time. Poor guy. He was a bit sore afterwards even though he was on an antibiotic, Metacam and a opiod painkiller.

He definately did not like his cone, but he did not have to wear it for long as he has been very good about leaving both areas alone. This past week has been all about rest and pain control for him and he no longer appears to be in pain although he is still on Metacam.

He has the funniest haircut from the surgury. Almost looks like one of those show poodles with his new shaved area. LOL

Unfortunately he is not yet using his leg as much as the Vet and I would like. Mostly he still does the 3 legged hop when walking and running and only puts down his leg very tentatively when standing still. So now onto the next step- rehabilitation. Twice daily I do warm packs to the muscle, followed by massage and then gentle exercises and ending with massage again to the leg muscle. Cotton loves the leg massage. He actually fell asleep during this morning's massage.

He's a real sweetheart! I don't know if I will be able to give him up fo adoption...