Saturday, 31 January 2009

Nikki Sees the Doggie Optha-Molly-Just

Hi doggies,

Yes, I'm still wearing this cone.... (sigh)

This week I went to see the Doggie Opth-a-Molly-Just. Only her name wasn't 'Molly', I think it was 'Lynn'. Tell me, does that make her a Doggie Opth-a Lynn-a-Just???
Ha ha ha, I haven't lost my sense of humour....

Boy, did I ever get poked and prodded. First I was seen by the student interns and they did all sorts of tests on me. They looked in my eyes with lights and all sorts of different instruments, they measured my tears, and the pressures in my eyes. Then they dial-ated my eyes with drops and looked in my eyes again.

By this time I was freaking out. Squirmming and jumping back. I wanted out of there. My left eye is sore you know and they were all surrounding me. It was scary!

So they took a break and Momma held me and I started to feel better. After that I was okay and stayed pretty still for the rest of the tests. Of course then the Doggie Opth-a-Molly-Just Resident came in and then they dyed my left eye florescent green to make the eye ulcer show up better. They said the ulcer was even bigger than originally thought. Finally the actual Doggie Opth-a-Molly-Just came in to see us and she looked at my eye too.

The confirmed diagnosis is an indolent corneal ulcer which we already knew. The Optha-Molly-Just did another Striate Keratotomy but this time they were able to do it just with just a local a-nest-he-tic. This Optha-Molly-Just said she has an 80% success rate, so we are hopeful. We have to wait 2 weeks to see if it will heal.

When my regular VET looked at my eye afterwards she said that the Striate Keratotomy that was done was much more extensive than what my VET was able to do. Even Momma could see the grid of scratches on my eyeball! And they couldn't believe that it was done without a general a-nest-he-tic. Yikes! I stayed very still while they used a needle to scratch a grid of lines into my eyeball!

I go every day to the VET so I can get my eye ointment 4 times a day. Momma is making me be very careful. She won't even let me play with the other dogs! I'm kinda sad about that.

Well that's it. I'll keep you updated.
Woofs, Nikki

Monday, 26 January 2009

Photo Tag

We were tagged by Gio and Romeo for Photo Tag. So here is the 5th picture from the 5th folder.

This is a picture I took of Nikki a year or 2 ago when she climbed on the clean warm laundry. This is something she just loves to do.

So now we are going to tag 5 people to show us the 5th picture in their 5th folder.

-Mango the Maltese Kiddo


-Bae Bae


-Princess Snowball

Have fun with the tag game ;)

Thursday, 22 January 2009


We have a new foster dog named Sunny. Actually she's still a puppy. Sunny is a 6 months old yellow lab cross.

She was abandoned in a rural area in our province and was brought in to a Vet's office. The Vet did not want to euthanize such a friendly, lovely girl. The Vet contacted New Hope Dog Rescue and we ended up fostering her. Here are some pictures of Sunny.

Our Momma says Sunny is a 'puppy in a dog's body'. We didn't really understand but it has something to do with wanting to play, play, play like a puppy but being big enough to knock a person over! Momma also needs to keep Sunny away from Nikki's sore eye till it heals. See Sunny's Petfinder's page

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Here We Go Again- Eye Surgery #2

Hi doggies,

It's Nikki here. My eye was only healing good for 2 days after the first surgery and then it started to get bad again. It was watering alot and I started closing it again because it was bothering me. So the VET lady and Momma decided I needed the surgery again. Here is a picture of me last night after the second surgery. I still don't want to open my left eye.

I am very tired from the general anesthetic so all I want to do is sleep. Our new foster puppy keeps on trying to play with me. Momma has to keep her away from me so I could rest and keep my eye safe away from paws and teethies.
This time instead of Momma putting ointment in my eye 2-3 times a day, I have to go and spend each day at the VET place so they can put ointment in my eye every hour or so. Momma will take me there when she goes to work and pick me up after work each day.
We are hoping with the added eye ointment my eye will heal this time. The VET place is nice. They are very nice and I have a kennel where I have a prime spot to watch all the goings on all day long. It is actually a lot more exciting than staying at home while Momma is at work. The VET people say I am very well behaved ;) Of course I am!
I am even getting used to this cone too. It's been 9 days that I've been wearing it- but who's counting? Ha ha ha
I'll keep you updated on how my eye is healing.
Woofs, Nikki

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Please Help Save Puppies Like Gambit

This cutie's name is Gambit. He nearly died.

The rescue that Momma works with New Hope Dog Rescue saved Gambit from euthanasia.

Why was he going to be euthanized?

Had Gambit done something bad?


The only thing Gambit did was he looked to much like a "banned breed". You see, Ontario, Canada has Breed Specific Legislation. Any dog that even looks like a "pit bull", or American Staffordshire Terrier or even any dog that MAY look like it has SOME of the banned breeds in it can be confiscated and euthanized! Ontario has already killed over 4,000 dogs with this unfair legislation.

Many of these are dogs that have never done anything wrong! Dogs or puppies like Gambit whose only "wrong" is that he is short-haired, muscular and has a particular type of facial features.

Luckily for Gambit a rescue organization in Ontario worked quickly to protect him by paying to have him flown out of Ontario to Saskatchewan to New Hope Dog Rescue.
Gambit is a real sweetheart. There is not a mean bone in his sweet body. He just loves to play with the other dogs in his foster home. See more info about him here is his link:
Gambit already has several applications in for people interested in adopting him.
New Hope Dog Rescue had a DNA analysis done and guess what? Gambit is 3/4 Boxer! Not even any of the banned breeds are in him!
The Dog Legislation Council of Canada is trying to raise money to fight this Breed Specific Legislation (Ontario Bill 132) in the Canadian Supreme Court.

The Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC) believes in promoting and supporting responsible dog ownership, dog bite prevention and dangerous dog legislation based on the specific dog's behaviour, not on the breed.

The campaign is called "Dollars for Dog's" and requests all dog lovers to send in $1 dollar per dog that they own. If you live in Canada you NEED to donate as this could be in your province next. If you live in the USA, your donation will be greatly appreciated. We know there are places in the US that are banning specific breeds too. Some areas have banned German Shepherds and Boxers too.

We would be so grateful if you can spare a $1 or $2 to the fund to fight Ontario Bill 132. Please go to this link Scroll halfway down the page to the "make a donation" link to donate by Paypal. Even a $1 or $2 will help! We gave $20- no we don't have 20 dogs- we just felt this was important !
Gambit thanks you!

Our Eskie Friend Destiny Has Crossed the Bridge

Please go and give some support to Destiny's mom Cilly at
Bye sweet Destiny,
Rest Easy and Run Free at the Rainbow Bridge

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Nikki's Back From Eye Surgery

Hi doggies,

It's me Nikki. Yup, I'm back from my left eye surgery. Momma says it went well and they are just waiting to see if my eye will heal. We will know in about a week.

Remember I told you about the V-E-T going to sed-ate me? Well I found out that sed-ate was NOT yummy food! I decided right then not to co-oper-ate! Ha ha ha!

So they put me under a general a-nest-he-tic. Luckily when I woke up there was no nest- of -boy- tics anywhere near me. In fact there were no tics of any kind on me. Whew!! Close call!!

However there was this cone on my head! This is what I think of the cone:

One thing though the a-nest-he-tic sure did make me tired. So I've been doing lots of this:

See ya doggies,
Woofs , Nikki

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, 12 January 2009

Nikki Goes To The V-E-T For Eye Surgery Tomorrow

Hi it's Nikki blogging here.

Momma took me to the V-E-T on Jan 3/09 because suddenly I wouldn't open my left eye. I was walking around with it closed all the time.

Casper and Buddy thought I was just winking at them but Momma knew better. This happened once before and I had to have eye drops and eye ointment which I HATED! Good thing that time it was only for about 5 days and it healed.

So Momma has been putting eye ointment in my eye twice a day. I do my best to struggle and fight. I try to make sure that no ointment gets in my eye and instead it gets all over Momma (LOL). However Momma always makes sure to get it in.

The V-E-T told Momma it should heal in about 4 days. Well it's been 10 days and although it's better it's still not healed.

So back to the V-E-T we went again today.

The V-E-T says I need to get some of the ulcer scraped off so it will start to heal. Apparently it can be done under a local a-nest-he-tic for a cooperative dog. There ain't no way I'm gonna be cooperative! No No No! I'm gonna struggle and fight them all I can!

So the V-E-T is gonna sed-ate me and try to do the procedure. Sed-ate that sounds yummy doesn't it? If the sed-ate doesn't work then they are going to put me under a total a-nest-he-tic.

I'm kinda worrried about that! You see, I had 2 tics this summer. I don't know if they were he-tics or she-tics but I didn't like them so I don't want any a-nest-he-tics at all.

Momma just gave me supper and then no more food or treats tonight. Momma also says I'm gonna take a break from agility. She wants to make sure my eye ulcer is all healed up before running around in the dirt again.

So cross your paws for me that my surgery goes well tomorrow!

Woofs, Nikki

Saturday, 10 January 2009

A Dog's Best Friend is .............An Elephant?

Watch CBS Videos Online

Isn't this a wonderful story?

Animals can teach us so much if we will only listen...

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Guess Who Visited Us At Christmas?


Meeko's new Momma went away for Christmas
and we got to dog sit Meeko for a whole week!

Here are some things that Meeko did
while he was with us.
Cuddled on the couch
with his new Momma's sweater.
(Just so he would remember her)
Wrestled with Nikki

Played tug of war with Nikki

Chewed on his favorite toy

Watched out the window

Kept watch over things


It all went by so fast and before Meeko knew it
his new Momma was back.
He was so excited to see her.
Having Meeko stay over Christmas
was a great Christmas present !

Saturday, 3 January 2009


OMD OMD OMD It's cold out tonight!

Momma just got home. It's so cold the car made funny noises all the way home and the car doors won't even shut properly.

So she checked the temperature. It said -39 C

And with windchill it's -49 C (-56 F)
You gotta count windchill cause the wind is @#$@#%$ cold!

Further information indicated this:

EXTREMELY COLD. Frostbite likely. Exposed skin can freeze within 1 minute. Outdoor activity becomes dangerous.

So what did Momma do ? She made us go outside to pee!!!!!

That's it! Were done with Canada! Two of us doggies may be American Eskimos but I tell ya we weren't made for this weather!

We are revolting!
We wanna move!

Hummm........ Let's see...... California, Florida, Arizona, Hawaii........ they all sound good right now!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Shoplifting Dog

You're gonna love this one!

Hey, Momma always makes us stay in the car.

No fair!!


Thursday, 1 January 2009


To all doggies and their peepol !