Sunday, 20 July 2008

The Answer To Why Meeko Was A Conehead (As Told By Meeko Himself!..)

I Was Sent to the V-E-T place
They Un- Dewclaw -ed me!
But Most Shockingly ...

They Neuter-al-ized me!
However in the spirit of getting back at all of them
I waited till Momma was asleep.
Then I slipped my head out of that silly cone
and proceeded to pull out all of my stitchies.
Ha ha ha ha
Oh what a suprise
Foster Momma had
when she woke up!
Yes, there was blood all over.
So she had to clean me up and apply pressure.
Luckily she took pity on me
and decided that I only needed steri-strips
instead of more stitchies
- or dog forbid -
The bad news was that I had to endure the cone
for an additional 6 days!! :(
Thank dog that my time is done.
I am now parolled
from the cone.

Tell me all you beautiful girlie doggies-
Do I still look manly to you?


Woofs from Meeko

Monday, 14 July 2008

Meeko- The Conehead

Hey come on- get this thing off my head!
And let me outta here!