Friday, 27 July 2012

Foster Dogs

Weve had a parade of foster dogs that I haven't blogged about in 2011 and so far in 2012.

There was Gopher the shepherd cross in the fall of 2011

 Then Max the corgi/ shepherd cross who spent most 2011 with us. It took a year and 16 applications before his perfect home was found and it was so worth the wait!

Then my Lucky came. I tried to resist but once again I couldn't and I officially adopted him in early 2012. Another "failed foster"- just to dangerous for me to foster eskies!

Then I did a few short term fosters: Roxy the doxi cross

and Blackjack the border collie cross with the really short legs,

followed by Benji a terrier mix with striking light  blue eyes.

 Now Princess, a shih tsu cross (with attitude) lol. She is currently on a trial adoption. Fingers and paws crossed!

And now I await my next foster dog. Picture to come soon! Yes we've been busy!