Wednesday, 30 April 2008

How Smart Is My Bloggie?

I always knew Eskies like me were smart but look at this:

blog readability test

I'm a genius!!!!

Dogs With Blogs Anniverssary Chat Pawty

Hey Doggies, were you at the Chat Pawty?

I was. See:

Here I am getting ready for the Chat Pawty.

Here I am typing in my login name

Oh - this is fun!!!

Here I am chatting with all the pwetty girlie doggies!
I even kissed the screen ;)

That was fun, fun, fun!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Scary Eye Contest

Hi Everydoggie, we are entering Deetz's Scary Eye Contest. Owwww look at us .
Are you scared yet?
Here I am being scary. ( I am secretly Casper the Scary Ghost)

Here is Nikki being scary.

Sorry no pictures of Buddy being scary- he's just not that kind of dog ;D

Friday, 25 April 2008


Make sure you have the kleenex ready! Momma has been crying her eyes out each time she watches this video. It is one of the most touching videos we have ever seen. Make sure to turn on the speakers. It is definately worth watching to the end.

It was posted on a list by our agility instructor who has corresponded with Lis'. It has touched our hearts and reminded us to cherish the important moments in our lives.

That day Lis ' and Diva received their final "Q" (Qualifying Run) for their ADCH Title (Agility Dog Champion) Title. This is the highest title in the USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association). This is about so much more than a 'title'.

It is about the purest sense of joy that we can see in both Lis' and Diva as they run together this one last time.

I have never met you Lis' but I want to thank you for this special gift! You have touched my heart and you are an inspiration to us all! God bless you! You are in our prayers.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Weather Warning

Guess what happened here? All our snow had melted and it was getting dry. Momma was happy 'cause there were no more wet muddy pawsies tracking mud into the house.

(Don't know who does that???)

We were all waiting for the grass to start turning green and all the flowers to start coming up. We were watching all the other doggies like Blue and Princess Isis who are posting lovely spring pictures of green grass and flowers. And then guess what?

This is what happened here.

OMD!! the Weatherman said we were gonna get 24 inches of the white stuff!

24 inches !!! We were worried for a while there. Buddy is the tallest of us three and he is only 16 inches to the shoulder!

Here Nikki ventures out to test the snow.

Luckily the good ole Canadian weatherman was wrong again and we only got 4 inches and most of that has melted away already

Nikki and I prefer not to get our pawsies wet so we are hanging out up on the deck where it is drier.

Now once it all melts we get to play in the mud again! Well really its only Buddy who likes to play in the mud.
Did you know that Momma calls him Muddy Buddy?

Friday, 18 April 2008


We are! We hope to see you there!

Dogs With Blogs Anniversary Pawty

Hummm... Should we dress spwecial for the occasion?

Let's see... ( going into the dog closet to look for spwecial occasion dog clothes)

I'll let all doggies and hammies and kitties know when I find something cool to wear for the Chat Pawty

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Buddy Becomes A Pet Therapy Dog!

Hi everydog (and some kitties and hammies too),

It's me-Buddy

Guess what I did last week? I went on my 1st Pet Therapy visit. Momma has been wanting to do Pet Therapy for a long time. She even made Casper and I get our CGN (which stands for Canine Good Neighbour). It's a test of how well I behave and listen to her and she wanted to make sure we had it before we started going out on visits.

So she arranged for just the 2 of us (Momma and me) to go visit some really nice elderly people in a nursing home. Ha ha - the eskies had to stay home. And boy did those people ever like me! Most of them had doggies during their lives and were really happy to visit with me and tell Momma and me stories about the doggies that they used to have.

I walked around and let them pet me. I sat on some people's laps and ate the doggie treats that Momma brought for them to give me. I showed them my tricks like shake a paw, play dead and roll over. It was fun , fun, fun.

We are gonna go visit every week, but couldn't this week as Momma was sick. Hurry up Momma get better! I have people to visit! Maybe I should show them some agility stuff next time. What do you think?

Woofs from Buddy

Friday, 11 April 2008

Today Is My Bloggerversary !

Happy Bloggerversery To Me!
Happy Bloggerversery To Me!
Happy Bloggerversery,
Happy Bloggerversery,
Happy Bloggerversery To Me!
( It's my 1st)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I Won Third Place In Koobuss's Easter Bonnet Contest In The Male Real Catagory

With this picture:

And here's the award I got! Isn't it cool?

Koobuss is also sending out prizes too! This is just totally pawsome!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Yay ! Our First Blogging Award!

Thank you Blue for giving us this award! We are indeed "Best Blogging Buddies" from around the Globe.

Now who should we pass this on to? Humm....

We will send it to:

Simba 'cause he always has such cool pictures (and he's a king!)

Amber Mae 'cause she is bootiful and so smart!

Hana The Ribbon Eskie 'cause she has bootiful ribbons and she's an Eskie! ;)

and Fig and Tad 'cause they always make us laugh!

Hope you all enjoy your new awards!

Monday, 7 April 2008


It was very sad to watch. Momma cried several times. What did you think of the show? If you didn't see it you can watch some clips of it here:

Puppy Mills

PLEASE DO NOT BUY PUPPIES FROM PET STORES! They come from these awful places.

If you haven't done this yet, we would appreciate all the humans to sign the petition on the top right of our blog. It's to stop a man named Laporte who owned a puppy mill in Montreal, Canada from ever owning a dog again. He kept the dogs in unbelievably horrific conditions. Apparently his lawyer is asking that he be allowed to keep some of the dogs!

So if you are looking for a new puppy, we ask that you DO NOT BUY PUPPIES FROM PET STORES (and therefore support puppy mills). Instead look into responsible breeders or rescues or shelters.

How do you find a responsible breeder?

Read this

Are you considering adopting or rescuing a dog?

Read this

Thanks for taking the time to care about us doggies!

PS Did you know that all 3 of us came from shelters? (and also Momma's first dog Sandy!)

Thanks Momma for saving our lives!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Upcoming Bloggerversary

Hey Doggies,

Guess what?

My 1st Bloggerversary is on Apr 11/08- in 10 days from now. It's hard to believe it's been a year already!