Saturday, 11 September 2010


I'm Cotton a rescue dog. Here is my rescue story. How many people did it take to rescue me?

There was the kind girl who took me in after I had been running loose in the small town for over 3 weeks. I was only using 3 legs because the other one was really hurting me. She took me to the local Vet who was also the animal control for that area.

That small town Vet who kept me for 3 days waiting for my people to come and get me (they didn't). It is believed that I was 'dumped' there by my people who likely live in another town.

The kind girl took me back so I wouldn't get PTS. She contacted a dog rescue.

A volunteer at the dog rescue took the message and contacted other volunteers at the rescue who found me a foster home. Of course my foster home is a volunteer too.

The kind girl from the small town also drove me 3 hours out of her way to get me to my foster home. Then she had to drive 3 hours back too.

My foster mom took me in and feeds me lots of yummy food, since I am skinny from my time on my own. She lets me cuddle on the couch with her and sleep in the bed with her too! The dogs who live with her have accepted me and one of them will wrestle and play with me whenever I want.

The wonderful volunteers at the dog rescue who have given their time to do the fundraising needed to pay for my vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, hip surgery and the rehabilation swimming that I do 2 times a week.

The wonderful Vet who gives the rescue a significant discount. She totally loves me and gets down on the floor and plays with me and pets me everytime I see her.

The friendly dog rehabilation lady who works with me at the the dog pool and has me do the swimming and exercises to strengthen my leg. Also my foster mom who does home physio exercises with me to help improve my leg.

And finally my new forever home who has adopted me even though I will propbaby always have a limp.

And guess what?

My new forever home is:


My foster home where I have been living for the last couple months!

Yup, it's true. My foster mom can't bear to part with me.

My official name is now:

Cottonball Clouds Of Joy

Also affectionately nicknamed
Mr. Cottonhead

Woof - Life is good

Love Cotton